Company Profile

The CorporationMatsuuraya Co., Ltd
EstablishmentMay, 1934
Capital30,000,000 yen
Dealing bankThe Johnan Shinkin Bank
Mizuho Bank, Ltd


PresidentMasao Hitomi
DirectorJun Kojima
DirectorYoko Kojima
DirectorMakoto Araga(Nitto Seiko Co.,Ltd)
DirectorToshisato Nabeshi(Nitto Seiko Co.,Ltd)
AuditorAkira Kitatani(Nitto Seiko Co.,Ltd)

Company History

1934Mr. Heitaro Kojima has established his Individual shop "Matsuuraya shop" at Chuuou-ku Kyoubashi 3, and domestic sales such as an electric machines, a spring fireproof bricks, and cars and lamps and the export industries are started.
1952became the agency of Chuo Seisakusho, Ltd.
1953Renamed the company as "Japan plating device factory Ltd." Main force is left in sales of the and machine equipment for galvanization.
1957became one of the agencies of Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd. and cross recessed screws and related equipments selling.
1959The company name is returned to old, and renewed as "Matsuuraya Co., Ltd."
1969The Sagami office is established.
1970The headquarter is relocated to TOC Bldg., 22-17-7, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku.
1971The Fukushima office is established.
1973The Suwa office is established.
1976The Takasaki office is established.
1978The Nagano office is established.
1982The Takasaki office is renamed as "Kitakantou office".
1982The Suwa office is renamed as "Ina office".
1990The Soubudai warehouse is established.
1991The Himeji office is established.
2001Overseas subsidiary "Matsuuraya (Hong Kong) Company Limited " is established in Hong Kong.
2004The Tomakomai office is established.


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